Corona maatregelen in Uganda

Ook in Uganda zijn maatregelen genomen om het COVID-19 virus in te dammen. Zo zijn sinds afgelopen week ook daar alle scholen gesloten. Zie hier het bericht van de president van Uganda:

1.All schools without exception to be closed effective Friday 20th March 2020 beginning midday
2. All places of worship not to open for one month; can have prayers online
3. Not public gatherings for politics and culture with immediate effect for 32 days
4. No Ugandans allowed to go to category one countries for 32 days
5. Ugandans returning home to be put under mandatory quarantine at their own cost
6. Standard operating procedures for workplaces as guided by ministry of health. The ministry of health to publish the do’s and don’ts
7. Weddings in Uganda being big gatherings of people to be postponed for 32 days; however weddings involving only core stakeholders- less than 10 people- allowed.
8. Common markets sispended for 30 days.
9. Funerals - to be carried out by relatives who are nearby. The rituals may be later. Burial of a suspected corona virus victim will be carried out by the state.
10. Farmers to go about their businesses provided they observe guidelines provided by ministry of health.
11. Fishermen to be observed by ministry and ensure they follow guidelines

We hopen dat de maatregelen voldoende zijn om het virus te stoppen en natuurlijk ook dat alle kinderen van Happy and Joy en hun families in goede gezondheid blijven.