Picture this 2018-01

Picture this

Elke termijn vertelt een kind dat naar Happy and Joy gaat een verhaal.

My top class graduation

A story from Businge Alison Olivia (top class)

This year has been my best year,because I finally got the best present ever on our graduation day at city. Every day I asked my mum to buy me a doll, I always wanted to have a doll with nice hair, just like Annet’s our neighbor. I always went to Annet’s home after school to play with her beautiful doll, somedays shee would allow me and other days she wouldnt. The days I played with her doll were the best days for me, I would comb her hair, feed her and carry her.

But on my graduation, my mum gave me a gift, so I opened it and saw just a box, I opened the box and there it was, a beautiful doll with nice hair, just like Annet’s, this time it was mine! I named her Maria. I will never Forget that day.