Picture this 2019-01

Picture this: Holiday at my grandmothers home in mityana
A story Of Jacky

She is now 4 yrs old and has one Young sister called Jazmin.

My mum took me at my grandmothers home for the holiday, at her home lived other 3 grand children, they were my cousins. We used to play with many neighbouring kids . We could play many games like,hide and seek, cooking game among others. But  I liked more the  cooking game , here  we were divided into two groups, the young kids could go look for food, then the bigger ones could make little fire and put the food we got  in small tins (T hese worked as our  our source pans and) and  cook it.  The food we usually picked was matooke, maize dodo among others,when it was ready we could all eat it.

The End.